Fly6 Bicycle Tail Light Records What is Going On Behind You

Anyone who spends a significant amount of time on the saddle will know that it is a jungle out there. Every time you take the bike on the road you are throwing yourself into a potentially fatal mix of aggressive drivers, bad drivers and bad luck. Having a camera won’t help with the last variable, but it can help you gather evidence against the first two. The Fly6 does just that, in a particularly clever fashion.

The Fly6 is a tail light with an integrated camera and microphone. The camera continuously shoots 15-minute segments in 720p, with a a wide angle (130ยบ) lens – recording them on an 8GB (included) microSD card. The recording loops, to spare you the hassle of cleaning up the memory card every time it fills up. What separates it from the wide range of traffic cameras on the market is that it is made for cycling – it features a water-repellent coating to keep it safe from the elements and has a 5-hour battery life.

Below is the video from the Fly6’s Kickstarter project,

Fly6 Kickstarter Video from fly6 on Vimeo.

For other live videos of the Fly6 in action, check out this page.

Price: $159


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