Live Long and Prosper Leather Messenger Bag


If you are a fan of Spock, and the famous Vulcan salute and salutation, and bags of holding, then this leather messenger bag from Etsy seller WorldofLeathercraft might be somewhat enticing.

From the seller:

The Vulcan hand salute is carved into the leather and “Live Long and Prosper” is hand stamped around the circle. I can substitute any other artwork or color you see in my shop on this bag.
This Star Trek inspired laptop bag is made to accommodate a laptop that is 15″X11″X3″ or less. This includes enough room for your computer and you charger cord as well as several small items. It can also be used as a messenger bag for school books. It is made from vegetable tanned leather which is fairly non-pliant and very tough. I hand stitch it with nylon sinew that has at least 70 test. The hand stitching on this bag takes hours of patient application. I am confident it will last you years and years.


The one thing that the bag has going against it is the price, but for the almost $400 price tag you do get something that is handmade, with a design that is hand carved. Given the hours of work and the skill that is involved in putting something like this together, the price seems quite reasonable.

Video: WorldofLeathercraft at work

Price: $394 [via Technabob]


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