Paper-shaped Water Bottle is Messenger Bag Friendly

Carrying your own water is good for the environment and everything, but it isn’t exactly good for the paper contents of your bag. If you have tossed a water bottle in your bag before, you will have no doubt had the experience of turning a loose piece of paper into a crumpled mess – or worse, a soggy crumpled mess. The folks behind Memobottle hope to change all of that by releasing a bottle that is the same shape as industry-standard paper: A4, A5 and Letter.

Regarding capacity, the A5 bottle carries 750mL (25 oz), while the A4 and Letter bottles let you carry 1.25L (~42 oz) – pretty standard stuff. If you fill it with booze then it is enough for a small party.

Prices: The Memobottle is a Kickstarter project, but it has been successfully funded. $20 nets you an A5 bottle, $30 gets you one of the bigger ones.


About the author: C. S. Magor


C.S. Magor is the editor-in-chief and reporter at large for Uberreview and We Interrupt. He currently resides in a sleepy basin town in the Japanese countryside - where both his bank balance and the lack of space in his home are testament to his addiction to all things shiny.

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