Set yourself a reminder for this November 25, 2016! Black Friday is upon us and the deals will be outrageous in-store and online. When Thanksgiving dinner is over, get your gift lists ready so that you can jump on top of all the sale-priced new technology that your friends and family (or yourself *wink*) will love to receive this holiday season!

The the extra cash you’ll save on gifts for others, you can grab some tech for yourself, too! Perhaps a new 4K TV will strike your fancy. Check out the Top 5 Best 4K Televisions to take advantage of this Black Friday. These deals are not active yet — but keep your eye on them when Black Friday approaches; you’ll be glad you did!


1. Samsung 60-Inch 4K UHD HDR Smart LED TV, UN60KU6300 + Free $250 Dell GC

Where to Get This Deal:


You’ll get the best deal for this 60” monster 4K UHD HDR Smart TV on, where you can purchase this $1,699.99 UHD TV for only $899.99! Not only will you receive an outstanding $700 off of retail price on this popular Samsung 4K TV, but on, they will also include a $250 Dell e-Gift Card as a promo gift. This gift card will arrive via email within 10 to 20 days and expires 90 days after activation. The terms can be seen now at for those interested.s-l640

It is without a doubt that Samsung is one of the top 4K manufacturers out there, and this all-in-one 60” 4K UHD features HDR (High Dynamic Range), Smart technology, and the best viewing experience available. The HDR content delivers greater clarity with Micro Dimming Pro and a fuller spectrum of color with Wide Color Enhancer.

The Smart TV Platform by Samsung is also a fantastic way to access your favorite content easier and quicker than ever. This Smart TV platform is powered by a Quad-Core Processor and has a built-in Wi-Fi to make your viewing experiences seamless and easy.

This will be one of the best deals you can find this coming Black Friday — don’t pass it up!


2. Samsung 50-Inch 4K Smart HDTV + Free $200 Dell GC, UN50KU6300F XZA

Where to Get This Deal:


If you do not have the money or intention of spending a lot on tech this Black Friday, you are still in luck! With the best price this Black Friday for this product, you can purchase a 50” 4K HDTV with Smart technology for only $629.99!

$400 off of retail price, this is a great deal because Dell will also include a $200 e-Gift Card that will arrive 10 to 20 days after purchase, via email.


This 4K Ultra HD resolution TV features HDR (High Dynamic Range) content that will deliver greater clarity with Micro Dimming Pro and a full spectrum of color with Wide Color Enhancer. Also included is Samsung’s new Smart TV platform, which functions via built-in Wi-Fi and is powered by a Quad-Core Processor. This deal also includes Free Shipping, so there are no extra fees applied.

Get this deal this Black Friday while it remains hot!


3. LG Signature 55-Inch Curved 4K UHD Smart LED TV + Free $250 Dell GC, OLED55C6P

Where to Get This Deal:


Now, this is a HUGE deal. If you’re really looking for that dynamite, out-of-this-world 4K UHD TV that you (and most of us, let’s be honest), would never be able to afford, then this may be the best deal for you.

Dell is really stepping up this year for their 4K TV deals, and this one is blowing us away. The incredibly popular and high quality LG Signature OLED, 55” Curved 4K Smart TV typically retails for $3999.99, but this Black Friday, you can purchase this model for an incredible $1,700 off of retail price for only $2,299.99!

oled-2 includes Free Shipping and will include a $250 Dell e-Gift Card that will arrive 10 to 20 days after purchase, in your email. This is a great deal with excellent perks, so take advantage of this price drop this coming Black Friday!


4. Vizio 60-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED HDTV + Free $300 Dell GC, M60-C3

Where to Get This Deal:


The stunning Ultra HD picture of a Vizio has been extremely competitive against Samsung and LG TVs, and their prices, even more competitive. This 60” 4K UHD TV with Smart technology features incredible detail and clarity with 8.3 million pixels and four times the resolution as 1080p Full HD. This Vizio typically retails for $1,299.99, but you can have it in your home for only $899.99!


With its Spatial Scaling Engine, this Vizio will not only display 4K TV and film with complete, beautiful clarity, but it will also transform 1080p HD sports, tv shows, and film to 4K UHD resolution. This upscaling is great for those who want to watch their shows and movies that were not filmed in 4K, to enjoy them in 4K without having to replace Blu Ray discs or settle for low HD quality.

With $400 off of its typical retail price, this Vizio is a fantastic deal from a ground breaking brand. With the purchase of this Vizio, you will also receive a $300 e-Gift Card in your email within 10 to 20 days.

This promo is another outstanding incentive, and you’ll be able to take advantage of another great deal with this gift card. New gear for your computer? Need speakers? Want to buy some tech accessories? You can use this $300 gift card to buy all you want!


5. Samsung 65-Inch 4K UHD LED Smart TV, UN65KS800D

Where to Get This Deal: BJ’s


Yes, Samsung surprisingly makes another appearance on this list, but it cannot be helped — the deals coming off of the usually high-priced Samsung 4K Televisions are just spectacular this Black Friday. At $1,000 off of retail price, you can purchase this Samsung from BJ’s for only $1,779.99.

One of the best deals of the Black Friday season, this Samsung is 65” and plenty big for your living room theater. Featuring the latest Quantum Dot Color, this 4K UHD TV displays the most superior picture available and immerses you completely in your film or tv show.


The HDR 1000 High Dynamic Range in this model uses revolutionary technology to bring out details you would never have been able to see otherwise, in both the foreground and background of the picture. Peak Illuminator Pro makes every shade of color pop for the most outstanding viewing picture available in entertainment. This deal includes Free Shipping, so there are no additional fees to get this bad boy to your front door.



Dell has certainly dominated the list in terms of having the best deals for this Black Friday. This goes to show that the big box stores do not always have to be the go-to for the holiday season. Avoid all of the pushing and shoving this Black Friday and spend some time with your family, because these deals are all available online.

Both Dell and BJ’s are offering Free Shipping on these deals, which means you do not have to participate in the hectic chaos of in-store Black Friday shopping. Take advantage this year and get the best 4K UHD TV’s in your home at the best prices they will ever be priced at!




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